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Security gatehouse

Situations in which a reinforced gatehouse is used

A security gatehouse can be considered the equivalent of a surveillance room except that it lies outside the building.

The control gatehouse ensures the safety of staff outside in charge of monitoring access to sensitive sites such as:

  • embassies;
  • industrial sites;
  • buildings classified as ‘Top Secret’;
  • storage sites;
  • laboratories;
  • power production plants (nuclear, electric, etc.);
  • border posts;
  • prisons;
  • etc.

The external gatehouses are also useful to accommodate sales or counter staff during temporary events (example: ticket office for events, festivals, sports events, etc.) or rescue workers or law enforcement personnel (police, army, Red Cross, firemen, etc.). Bunkerkit offers numerous advantages here because it can be assembled, dismantled and moved in just a few hours. It can also be taken along and resized/reconfigured if you move, for example.

Twofold protection

The reinforced gatehouse or security kiosk fulfils a twofold function:

  1. protecting staff against attacks, theft or hostage takers. Bunkerkit complies with European ballistic standards EN 1522-1523;
  2. providing shelter from bad weather.

The protected gatehouse will almost always consist of a reinforced door and a bulletproof window or counter.



A certified gatehouse:

Bunkerkit security gatehouses have:

  • burglary resistance certification EN 1627-1630, class 3, class 4 and class 5;
  • ballistic protection certification EN 1522-1523, all classes (up to FB7 and AK47).

Weighted floor

  • The modular floor is made up of weighted metal cassettes: the overall weight of the assembled enclosure is sufficient to minimise the risk of theft.
  • The gatehouse stands on height-adjustable studs (from 28 to 1,120 mm) to account for differences in level of up to 10%.
  • Set in the ground with or without anchorage.

Weather resistance

  • Ceiling topped by a roof made of insulated sandwich panels, sloping slightly towards the back to drain rain water.
  • Peripheral edge profile to ensure the finish of the roof as a whole and conceal outside light fittings.
  • Insulated walls to guarantee low energy consumption.
  • Constant room temperature in the enclosure provided by an air conditioning and recirculation unit.

Impeccable finishes

  • Vertical walls clad with a Dibond panel that can serve as a communication medium thanks to four-colour printing.
  • Permanent outdoor use, even when the weather is bad (wind, snow, rain, sun, hail, etc.).
  • Lateral glazed privacy walls, a floor and overhanging eaves can be provided.
  • These options ensure optimal ease of use.

Options on request

  • Complete electrical system (including panel with circuit breakers, lighting, emergency lighting, power outlets, power cables protection, etc.)
  • Power cable and communication inlet via an extendible beam that can cross a road.


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