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Burglary resistant Bulletproof Electromagnetic
Armored, Certified Rooms And Panels

Bunkerkit panel is A2P certified

In 2017, Bunkerkit Bank was granted A2P certification for performance levels RC3, RC4 and RC5 of its partitions in accordance with standard EN-1627-1630.

In 2018, a smooth finish on the inner walls became available as an option, also enabling improved thermal and acoustic insulation.

What does A2P certification involve?
A2P certification ensures inspection and ongoing assessment guaranteeing the conformity of the products fitted.

AP2 provides recognition of the performance and reliability of the product and a guarantee of quality recognised by security professionals.

A2P certification is granted after laboratory tests (in accordance with standard EN-1627-1630) and an audit of the manufacturing site.
The certification comes with periodic inspections: an annual audit of the manufacturing site and laboratory assessments of all modifications or variations.

Bunkerkit walls for secure technical chambers have received A2P certification issued by the CNPP laboratory for grades RC3, RC4 and RC5.

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